We have  re-opened! 

In-person worship times for this week:  Stamford UMC - 8:30am, Bloomville UMC - 9:30am,  Hobart UMC - 9:30am, Township UMC - 8:30am

You may continue to watch on Church Live. Or by phone:  1-646-558- 8656    meeting ID: 972-7232-3222

Please see the guidelines in the announcement page.

New service times starting August 16:  Stamford and Township-8:30am,  Bloomville and Hobart -10am


"Welcome to the Delaware Headwaters Parish"

About. . . 

Welcome to the Delaware Headwaters Parish.  Although we are four separate parish families, we share and join in our faith with the guidance of our Pastors: Rev. Kwang-il Kim and Pastor Paul Moller.  Each church is individual and autonomous, but we work together now. 

The Delaware Headwaters Parish began in 2013 under the direction of District Superintendent James Moore, and Pastors David Collins and Romana Abelova. DHP is a cooperative parish involving the United Methodist churches in Bloomville, Hobart, Stamford and Township. Each church in our new parish has a long and rich history.  Over the years, the demographics have shifted and that has necessitated parish communities to strategically plan how to best use limited resources while striving to maintain vitality so as to serve the faithful and proclaim the Gospel.   Rev. Moore identified the current challenges facing the churches in our region.  This new plan meets those needs.  Together we worship God and discover opportunities for service, spiritual growth and fellowship.  District Superintendent, Rev. Timothy Riss, carried on the faithful tradition with us with Rev. Dee Stevens and Pastor Paul Moller beginning in 2016.  In 2019, Rev. Kwang-il Kim began his ministry here, joining Pastor Paul. 

As we celebrate and grow together in faith through worship, prayer, music, and service, we invite you to join us in shining God's light into the world!


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