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Check Facebook and the webpage for updates and announcements about service times and acts of ministry. Be sure to phone a friend to help get the word out to all.


All the Holy Week Services, including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Sunrise Service will be canceled. There will be an Easter service online. 


Invitation to daily prayer at noon:

Everyone is invited to join in a high noon daily prayer to battle against COVID-19. Prayer is always important, but during this time, we must storm the heavenly gates and petition our Father in heaven with our prayers for all things regarding COVID-19. Here are a few examples of subjects for you to pray about:

1.      Pray for essential workers and locations like hospitals and grocery stores, that they continue to stay safe from the virus.

2.      Pray for the church as it works as the hands and feet of Christ in our communities.

3.      Pray for the government and the finances of the world.

4.      Pray for the scientists who are working to develop a vaccine. 


If you know of someone in need, be sure to help out or let someone know who can help. Continue to be safe in all that you do, and wash your hands.

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Call To Worship:

L: Once we lived in darkness.

All: Now we live by the light of the world, Christ our Savior.

L: in the midst of these dark times we find our peace in you.

All: May God use this time of social distancing to grant us a deeper understanding of the peace of God.

L: Thanks be to God who gives us the light!


Unison Prayer:

We humbly come before you O God, creator of all, giver of life, giver of love, giver of peace, of joy, of grace. Grant us help in our time of trouble; help us to put our whole trust in your ways. Shower us with your mercy and fill us with a deeper understanding of your grace. Guide us in our service in your created kingdom. Be with your people, and help us to walk in the holiness and purity of life that you have given to those who believe. All honor and glory belong to you, O God. Thanks be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Scripture Reading (Scripture can be read during service or at home this week)

Ezekiel 37:1-14;  Psalm 130; Romans 8:6-11;  John 11:1-45


Message: Pastor Paul,  John 11:1-45


The Lord’s Prayer All Together


Sending Forth

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