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Easter Sunday



*All of you are in our prayers. May the Lord’s grace-full and protecting angels embrace your bodies, minds and spirits now and always in this critical and challenging time due to the COVID19 virus.   Please stay safe and healthy at home.  Do not forget the act of “Social Distancing” to protect yourself and each other.  Wash your hands frequently with hot water (Above 77 Degree Fahrenheit, Johns Hopkins Hospital Recommendation) for about 20 seconds or with Hand Sanitizer containing 65% alcohol.

*Please check the website and Facebook for the updates and announcements about our acts of ministry including our Sunday online Worship Service during this critical and challenging time of our journey together.

*Please pray for each other, Federal and State Government Leadership, Essential workers and their working places such as Health Care and Public Health Workers (All Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Nursing aids, etc.), Law enforcement, Public Safety and First responders, Food and Agriculture workers(All groceries), Energy employees, Water and wastewaters, Transportation and Logistics Communications and Information Technology, Economic and Financial Services etc. Please pray for all the Scientists and all Lab Researchers who are doing their best to develop a corona vaccine.

*We encourage all our parishioners to keep sustaining and empowering your giving ministry to the righteous cause of Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior in transforming this needy world into the kingdom of God in such a critical and unusual time as this until noticed otherwise as follows:

Please mail your tithes and other offerings to your church’s financial secretary.

Bloomville: Beverly Rockefeller, 191 Scotch Hill Road, Bloomville NY 13739

Hobart: Ralph Beisler, 107 Sheffield Lane, Hobart, NY 13788

Stamford: Debbie Coager, 290 Roses Brook Road, South Kortright, NY 13842

Township: Ginny Austin, 16385 County Highway 18. Stamford NY 12167


Scripture reading this week. 


Call To Worship

L: Do not stand at the tomb and weep. Christ is risen!

P: Do not let your hearts be in despair: Christ is risen!

L: Run to tell others the great good news: Christ is risen!

P: Believe the good news Christ is risen! HALLELUJAH!


Unison Prayer

Easter Morning has arrived. Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Today is the day that the Lord has made, and we are here to celebrate it. Each day God grants us life. Every morning is a gift and today, we celebrate the gift of eternal life. God eternal, we give you thanks and praise today for all you have done for us. God our creator, you have given this creation for us to live in. It is coming to life at this moment in spring. We see the beauty coming to life after the long winter rest. We give thanks for the rest and sleep you have given us. God fill us with your grace this morning. Guide us in your peace, joy, love. We place our hope in you this day. For you have given us life in you. In Jesus’ name, we pray.  AMEN




Blessing and sending forth


May God keep you in all that you,  

May you always find your joy in Christ our Lord!


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